Healing and Cancer – Stories of Empowerment

Dr. Rob Rutledge, MD, Oncologist and Associate Professor, tells the stories of ordinary yet remarkable people affected by cancer, and how they were able to empower themselves at levels of body, mind and spirit on the cancer journey.

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Reverse Vegas, the Pastor, and the Miracle Man

by Dr. Rob Rutledge

When my boss asked me to give a talk at an African-Canadian prostate cancer support group he has organized here in Halifax, little did I know what great pleasure was in store for me.

Rocco Rossi, President of Prostate Cancer Canada, was in attendance that evening,… Read More

Holding painful emotions: Not too close, not too far, just right

by Dr. Rob Rutledge.

Dr. Russ Harris, an Australian family physician, psychotherapist and best-selling author teaches that painful emotions are a natural part of life. Whenever there is a gap between what we are expecting (or hoping for) and the reality of the situation, difficult feelings like disappointment, frustration and… Read More