By Healing and Cancer Foundation April 24, 2010

From Rob: Looking at the cards completed by participants at the end of the weekend I recently found this card:

I came… held tight by fear
I stumbled… my pain was too heavy
I wept… feeling less than whole
I leave… Comforted
… Affirmed
… Wanting to shine my light
… Knowing I am not alone
… Knowing I am whole


Jan Morrison says

Hi guys - went to the launch last night and just want to tell you that I was blown away! So impressed with the whole shebang. Tim - you've really grown into your true self. I am so glad you found your purpose and your power - wow! I will do anything I can to help with your program. I'm promoting it on my blog and will tell everyone I speak to read the book and go to the website and make it happen! Thank you for serving spirit so well!

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