The Healing and Cancer Foundation

Founded in 2007, the Healing and Cancer Foundation has evolved out of a ten-year collaboration of a practicing oncologist and a spiritual teacher drawing on their clinical practices and the inspirational learning they have gained in facilitating dozens of weekend cancer retreats. The organization equips cancer patients and family members with a powerful, integrated approach to the cancer journey – helping people to heal at the levels of body, mind and spirit. It draws on the best of medical science, the vast teachings of world spiritual traditions, and the inherent wisdom within each person. At its core is the practice of deep compassion for oneself that expands outward in an engaged connection with others in community. 

Our Mission

Empowering people on their healing journey with science, wisdom and compassion.

Why volunteers are the heart of our community

The Healing and Cancer Foundation teaches the essential skills needed when facing cancer. Once through the initial shock of the diagnosis many people want to find meaning in their illness. We hope to facilitate ways for people to ‘give back’ by connecting them with others in our community and allowing them to contribute to projects which will make a difference in lives of thousands of others. Click here to learn more about how to help others.