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Saskatchewan Breast Cancer Connect introducing cancer patients to body-mind-spirit healing Sept 2016

Bermuda Speaking openly to relatives with cancer Feb 2016

The Oncologist, the Patient and CKN — Sharing Knowledge June 2015

Feb 2015 Dr. Rutledge interviewed on CTV News at Five for World Cancer Day

Feb 2015 The Royal Gazette, Bermuda publishes article on Dr Rutledge ahead of his Talk ‘Body-Mind- Spirit Connection: Making a Difference on the Cancer Journey’, which takes place on February 19.

Jan 2015 The Oncologist, the Patient and CKN — Sharing Knowledge

Feb 2015 Dr. Rutledge interviewed for VSB NEWS (starting at 11:35)

Cancer Narratives: The Danger of Denial Jan 2015


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Rob Rutledge: Second photo: High Resolution

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