Why foster spirituality on the cancer journey?

The diagnosis of cancer is an opportunity to discover who you truly are as a spiritual being having a physical experience. Love and the Divine consciousness (or God) are synonymous! This is why your spiritual health can be determined by your love more than by your belief. This awareness is… Read More

Fear of Cancer Recurrence: Five Concrete Ways to Lesson your Anxiety

It’s natural to feel anxious when thinking about the possibility of cancer recurrence.  Our ‘nervous’ system is primed to defend our bodies, and our minds continually make plans to guard against potential threats. The problem is if we allow it we can be left feeling overwhelmed, emotional and unable to… Read More

Gina: When the patient heals the Doctor

I was surprised to see Gina standing up, beaming at me as I walked into the examination room. My resident doctor had just given me an overview of Gina’s case. Ten years ago I had treated Gina, then age 60, with radiotherapy when she had early breast cancer. Gina had… Read More

Does Practicing a Relaxation Technique Improve Cancer Survival?

"Anyone with a cancer diagnosis should decrease their stress levels so as to decrease the inflammation in their body." _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Cancer cells arise when the normal cells accumulate enough damage in their chromosomes to begin to grow in an uncontrolled way. Slow growing cancers turn into faster-growing cancers in the same way. I believe people who have a cancer diagnosis can improve their chances of being alive and well many years later by decreasing the ongoing damage to cancer cells (which may or may not be left in the body after potentially curative treatment). Read More

The very first #BeccaToldMeTo Random Act of Kindness By Dr. Rob Rutledge

Long before her brain tumour had recurred and was dubbed ‘terminal’ Becca was already inspiring Random Acts of Kindness. In the midst of a massive snowstorm in 2015, Becca was receiving daily radiation treatments. She was admitted to the Children’s Hospital in Halifax, suffering from uncontrolled nausea and vomiting. The… Read More

What we can learn from Remarkable Cancer Survivors

Dr. Kelly Turner, PhD, has written an excellent book entitled ‘Radical Remissions’ about the attitudes and actions of people who have had undergone a spontaneous remission after being told they had ‘incurable’ cancer. The Harvard undergrad got her PhD at UC Berkley interviewing nearly 100 of these remarkableRead More

Susan Wener at TEDx Montreal

In November, 2016, I spoke at TEDx Montreal about how the  things we tell ourselves have the capacity to influence and change our lives. It’s so important that we remember that life is not about what happens to us. What we choose to do with what happens to us will… Read More