The theme of Week 3 Podcast is self-compassion

Oncologist Dr. Rob Rutledge and Psychotherapist Dr. Timothy Walker deliver this third of nine Skills for Wellness Podcasts. They cover the science and practice of self-compassion, the ‘What the Hell” effect, and how to aim for a healthy weight (without a scale). The podcast finishes with the meditation of… Read More

Wellness Challenge Overview, FAQs, and the Meet-up

What is the Wellness Challenge?

The Wellness Challenge is a comprehensive program meant to change your mindset about self-care so you’ll be happier and healthier in the long term. We provide nine weekly ‘Skills for Wellness’ podcasts which teach the brain science of behavioural change, mindfulness-based stress reduction, self-compassion and… Read More

Three Easy Steps to Wellness (Challenge)

Imagine six months from now you’re feeling fitter and happier than you’ve felt in years. You exercise regularly – not because you have to – but because it’s fun and feels good.  You’ve put the unhealthy snack foods out of sight in a high cupboard, and dinner starts with salad.… Read More