Holding painful emotions: Not too close, not too far, just right

by Dr. Rob Rutledge.

Dr. Russ Harris, an Australian family physician, psychotherapist and best-selling author teaches that painful emotions are a natural part of life. Whenever there is a gap between what we are expecting (or hoping for) and the reality of the situation, difficult feelings like disappointment, frustration and… Read More

‘Staying real and staying positive’ by Flo Stang.

Flo joined us at the “Skills for Healing” Weekend Retreat at Brigadoon Village in Spring of 2012. You will enjoy reading Flo’s beautifully honest and humorous post Perk # 81: My First Breast Cancer Retreat from her blog – The Perks Of Having Cancer: Follow Florence’s Challenge To Find 100… Read More

“I could never meditate….” by Dr. Rob Rutledge

Joanne, a Radiation Therapist, seems especially calm today.  Her dark eyes shine and her voice is soft yet confident. We’re working together in the CVsim where we take x-rays of patients in preparation for their treatments. As we work, we share stories about our kids, laughing about how work is… Read More

Befriending the Monster at the Door – By Rob Rutledge MD

Dr. Rutledge was a guest speaker at the Young Adult Cancer Conference on June 7th in Toronto. After hearing Travis Gobeil speak at the conference, Dr. Rutledge wrote this article:

Befriending the Monster at the Door

“It’s like there’s a huge monster at the door and he’s so scary that… Read More

Health Care Outreach Mount Allison generously donated $2,100!

This student-led group first heard about the Healing and Cancer Foundation through Dr. Simon Walling who recommended the Healing Circle book for an outreach project. After research into the foundation they were “more than impressed with the unique integrative approach to cancer care” that we encourage.

Health Care Outreach has… Read More