Pure Listening

I was practicing ‘pure listening’ today. Contrast with ‘active listening’ (where you are pouring energy into what someone is saying, fully of sympathy, dancing to their tune) and ‘negative listening’ (where you are sucking energy from someone while they speak, ignoringRead More

Feedback Worth Sharing!

“It really does give a different way to approach cancer…I like the acceptance of what is versus the “battle or fight of your life” thinking. I first saw the 45 minute video from…… Read More

Listened In

As you said there is a real power in hearing from those living in the condition of their physical vulnerability. If only we could all have a little of that sense of vulnerability and weakness in our daily attitudes in a “go get em” society. The thought that came to… Read More

Integrating Wisdom and Love on the Breast Cancer Journey

Introduction to my talk to be given by videoconference on Monday March 14 at 8PM EST entitled “Integrating Wisdom and Love on the Breast Cancer Journey”.

I’m really excited about being with you – people who are so proactive with their own health and health care. You really can make… Read More

Emotions & Cancer

Here are a few questions asked by a local reporter in regards emotions and Cancer:
Are previously reticent people more open to discussing emotions and spirituality once they have been diagnosed with cancer?

I have heard that attitude is an important part of beating cancer. How can loved ones… Read More

A Few Words From Andrew

The following blog is by Andrew who was featured in Chapter 5 in The Healing Circle. Andrew was treated for an agressive brain tumour over 3 years ago and is doing extremely well.

This is a “Meta-Meditation” he uses everyday as part of his healing practice.… Read More

Audrey’s Eulogy

Thank you all for attending my Mom’s memorial service – and joining us in honouring her and celebrating the many ways she touched people’s lives here in Qualicum and throughout her 80 years with us. I’ve only come to appreciate Mom’s true greatness through what other people have told me… Read More

Cancer Care Nova Scotia Excellence in Patient Care Nomination

Cancer Care Nova Scotia

Excellence in Patient Care

Nomination for Dr. Robert Rutledge, MD, Radiation Oncologist

Dr. Robert Rutledge exudes health and life. He understands his personal power as a doctor and leader and clearly practices the reality of eating, exercising and living well. Within this… Read More