Cancer Care Nova Scotia Excellence in Patient Care Nomination

Cancer Care Nova Scotia

Excellence in Patient Care

Nomination for Dr. Robert Rutledge, MD, Radiation Oncologist

Dr. Robert Rutledge exudes health and life. He understands his personal power as a doctor and leader and clearly practices the reality of eating, exercising and living well. Within this… Read More

What is Wholeness?

Firstly, consider what it means to heal. A woman with breast cancer told us at the start of the weekend retreat that she had either hid her diagnosis from family members / or minimized her symptoms and concerns from those she told. In essence, she was ‘doing it alone’.… Read More

Lessons learned from the ‘metastatic’ cancer support group

As I walk down the hallway in the British Columbia Cancer Agency’s Vancouver Clinic, I can hear the excited Voices and chuckles from the first arrivals of my first ‘metastatic’ cancer support group. Sydney Foran, the social worker who has led the group for several years, walks beside me, her… Read More

Type C Personalities

Question: Are you familiar with the body of psychology research done on Type “C” personalities? This is the mirror image of a Type “A” … i.e. the really nice people who bottle up their emotions. Also, why they are more prone to getting cancer?-Anonymous

A response from Rob:

This idea… Read More

What Caused My Cancer?

I’m reading “Grace and Grit” by Ken Wilbur, a brilliant man who has been able to integrate writing from around the world into a coherent map of the spiritual journey for humans. His wife, Treya, was diagnosed with breast cancer, and this book is about their amazing journey together.… Read More

A few words from Rob

A few months ago I sat on my back deck being interviewed by Boyd Sharpe- for footage we’ll use for a documentary for people affected by brain tumours. At the end of the interview, Boyd wanted to the audience to know more about the personal side of my life… Read More

From Rob: Looking at the cards completed by participants at the end of the weekend I recently found this card:

I came… held tight by fear
I stumbled… my pain was too heavy
I wept… feeling less than whole
I leave… Comforted
… Affirmed
… Wanting to shine my lightRead More

The power of asking

At a sunday morning of a weekend retreat, Tim has just told the story about being with his father (from the chapter called When Fear is the Teacher, in our book, The Healing circle). see

Judi, then added to this story. Her husband’s grandfather, John, was nearing the… Read More


The Healing and Cancer Foundation equips people affected by cancer with an integrated and powerful approach to the cancer journey, helping them to heal at the level of body, mind and spirit.

Our integrated approach arose out of the ten-year collaboration an oncologist / Associate Professor of Medicine… Read More