The Healing Program:

An Overview

The Healing Program arose out of ten-year collaboration between Oncologist Dr. Rob Rutledge, and Dr. Timothy Walker, a Psychotherapist / Teacher.

Watch Dr. Rob Rutledge give an overview of the Healing Program

What You Need to Do Today

To learn and practice a relaxation or meditation technique go to Healing Skills

Example meditation: Honouring Life  (5-minute meditation filmed on the friday evening of a ‘Skills for Healing’ retreat) 

Explanation of the Healing Program found on this web page.

1. Attitude and Action for Healing

The Body Mind Spirit Connection – Making a Difference on the Cancer Journey  (hour-long lecture providing practical advice)

Setting the Intention: Exercise for people affected with cancer (11-minute exercise to help you tap into your aspirations and greatest values)

Mindfulness Explanation (8-minute video from ‘Skills for Healing’ retreat)

The Role of Complementary Medicine in Cancer Care (45-minute lecture given by Dr. Rob Rutledge, Oncologist)

2. Getting the best care from the medical system

Everything you need to know about cancer (hour-long lecture by Dr. Rutledge)

Everything About Cancer – Powerpoint Presentation (slides from the lecture)

3. Empowering Your Body

Empowering the Body – Powerpoint Presentation (slides for the above presentation)

Qi Gong (18-minute chinese medicine exercise program in which Qi or cosmic energy is generated and balanced within the body)

Gentle Yoga (45-minute easy routine finishing with healing visualization)

Relaxation Breath and Body Scan (28-minute video)

4. Training Your Mind

How understanding your brain can empower your life – for professional caregivers (75-minute lecture essential for anyone affected by cancer)

Mindfulness Exercise (15-minute teaching / experiential video)

Healing Visualization (12-minutes exercise)

The Science of Stress and Relaxation (23-minute lecture)

Visit Healing Skills for a comprehensive list of videos and audio files including watching the footage from an entire weekend retreat

5. Spirituality on the Cancer Journey

Other Videos and Healing Programs

Watch the footage from an entire retreat in the 8 week program (30 videos)

Footage from entire Brain Tumour Retreat (26 videos)

Prostate Cancer Seminar (9 videos)

Healing and Cancer Yoga series (8 videos)