The power of asking

By Healing and Cancer Foundation April 18, 2010

At a sunday morning of a weekend retreat, Tim has just told the story about being with his father (from the chapter called When Fear is the Teacher, in our book, The Healing circle). see

Judi, then added to this story. Her husband’s grandfather, John, was nearing the end of his life in hospital. His second wife was admitted at the same time, and though, too weak to safely make the trip to his wife’s room, he sensed that she was dying, and in the middle of the night, staggered to her bedside to be with her for her last breaths.

As it turns out, John’s one fear at the end of his 94 years was to die with no one at his side. At the end of family reunion/birthday party, Judi asked John if there was anything she could do. He asked her to stay with him for the next few days as all the other relatives were going home. In the middle of the third night, John began to have visions, and seemed to be having a conversation with an invisible friend. He reached out his hand saying “It’s now my time to do the talking.” (Judi thinks he was talking to his first wife (deceased) because she often dominated the conversations). John was transformed by the vision – he literally glowed with a warm and joyful light.
The next morning he told Judi that he was no longer scared of dying alone, and told her that she could go home. John died just a day later – waiting until his son was at his side.


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