The theme of the Week 2 Podcast is Mindfulness

By Maureen Holmes February 19, 2017

Oncologist Dr. Rob Rutledge and Psychotherapist Dr. Timothy Walker deliver this second of nine Skills for Wellness Podcasts. They cover the brain science of mindfulness, the biology of craving, and offer a short ending meditation and home exercise for this week (drinking water mindfully). Join for the complete program or visit home exercise for week 2 is to:

1. Practice mindfulness meditation every day.  Options:

      a. 12-minute version starts at 34:50 of the video found above 
      b. 5-minute version of mindfulness meditation here,
      c. Or use the meditation videos from week 1
 2. Mindful hydration as outlined in video found above at 27:55
Sumary: Mindfully drink up to 8 glasses of water every day. Here are the basic instructions  
a. When you remember to drink some water, slow down, and pay close attention to all your experiences eg. sight, sensation…
b. Use your non-dominant hand to hold the glass and bring it to your mouth 
c. Drink slowly and not too much at any one time
d. Appreciate the 90 seconds of calm it takes to do this exercise
PS – As a reminder to practice, you might leave an empty glass of water on the counter at home, or wherever you’ll likely to be each day.
Globe and Mail article showing benefits of mindful hydration


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