Three Easy Steps to Wellness (Challenge)

By Rob Rutledge December 29, 2016

Imagine six months from now you’re feeling fitter and happier than you’ve felt in years. You exercise regularly – not because you have to – but because it’s fun and feels good.  You’ve put the unhealthy snack foods out of sight in a high cupboard, and dinner starts with salad. Even when you occasionally eat too much of a decadent food you don’t get down on yourself. You simply bounce back to your healthy diet.  You wake up feeling more rested, have more energy, and seem at greater peace with the world.

How would this even be possible?

We all have the capacity to change our lives for the better.  The happier, fitter you is a real possibility.  But it takes a change in your mindset about the importance of self-care and self-compassion for this to happen.  Instead of looking outward for happiness and a sense of fulfillment, you can come home with a set of attitudes and self-care activities which will nourish your spirits, and paradoxically make you more effective in the outside world.  Resetting the healthy core belief circuitry in your brain does take some work though.

The purpose of the Wellness Challenge is to change your mindset permanently about taking good care of yourself.  We have put together a set of nine weekly ‘Skills for Wellness’ podcasts starting January 1 which will review the brain science of behavioural change, and teach essential skills like mindfulness and self-compassion – all key ingredients in building the new you.  The program includes home practice exercises like short meditations and daily mindfulness exercises.

Three steps to Wellness

  1. Choose and Sign up for the Wellness Challenge.  We’ll email you every week with instructions.
  2. Watch the Skills for Wellness Podcasts and practice the home exercises as best you can.
  3. Tell your friends and family what you’re doing. Sharing your Challenge can change your world.

Science shows a simple program like this can result in a permanent change in your mindset – and for you to be healthier and happier in six months, six years, and far into the future.

Enjoy the adventure!

Rob Rutledge, MD



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