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Meditation – Setting The Intention: Module 1

Opening Circle: Module 1

Meditation – Honouring Life: Module 1

Friday Evening Talk – Complete Care: A Layperson’s Guide: Module 2

Meditation – Creating Space For Healing: Module 2

Saturday Morning Reflections: Module 3

Mindfulness Talk: Module3

Raisin Eating Exercise: Module 3

Body Scan: Module 3

Meditation – Thoughts Are Like Clouds: Module 3

Meditation – Listening To Your Body: Module 4

Lecture – Stress and the Relaxation Response: Module 4

Small Group Discussion – Stress: Module 4

Stress Pearls: Module 4

Thought Reframing Talk: Module 5

Thought Reframing – Small Group: Module 5

Thought Reframing Pearls: Module 5

Thought Reframing Small Group #2: Module 6

Qi Gong – Chinese Healing Exercise: Module 6

Sunday Morning Reflections: Module 7

Meditation – Bowl of Loving Kindness: Module7

Fear and Hope Talk: Module 7

Fears Small Group: Module 7

Fears and Hopes Pearls: Module 7

Gentle Yoga: Module 8

Spirituality Talk: Module8

Closing Circle: Module 8

Parting Words: Module 8

Friday Evening Introduction: Module 1

Gentle Yoga

Reframing Difficult Thoughts for Parents of Kids with Cancer

Qi Gong – Healing and Cancer

Healing and Cancer Podcast #13 – Karen’s Transformation

Healing and Cancer Podcast #14 – Chris Lewis

Healing and Cancer Podcast #15 – Pat Wetzel,

Healing and Cancer Podcast #16 – Susan Menezes – Mental Health Advocate

Healing and Cancer Podcast #17 – Kathy McLaughlin

Healing and Cancer Podcast #18 – Geoff Eaton, Young Adult Cancer Canada

Healing and Cancer Podcast #19 – Audrey, Inspiration Extraordinaire

Healing and Cancer Podcast #20 – Marie Ennis-O’Connor, Power of Story

Healing and Cancer Podcast #21 – Michael Kovarik

Healing and Cancer Podcast- Meryl Cook -professional transformation

Pat Wetzel

Setting the Intention – 19-minute practice for the Wellness Challenge

WEBINAR Reframing Distressing Thoughts and other Mind Body Techniques on the Cancer Journey

Meditation of Unconditional Love and Self Compassion


Meditation of Acceptance

Working with Stress Meditation

Reframing Difficult Thoughts with Rob Rutledge and Timothy Walker PhD

Spirituality on the Cancer Journey – Healing and Cancer Talk

Ovarian Cancer: Empowering body, mind and spirit by Dr. Rob Rutledge

Professional caregiver health – Taking care of us

The Body Mind Spirit Connection: Making a difference on the cancer journey

Embracing the Paradox of Peace, Joy, and Suffering

Healing and Cancer Podcast #2 – Tedd Tribe, Remarkable Survivor

Healing and Cancer Podcast #3 – Anna Craig

Healing and Cancer Podcast #4 – Anne Robert, Musician

Healing and Cancer Podcast #5 – Andrew Campbell

Healing and Cancer Podcast #6 – Nicki Durlester, The Pink Moon Lovelies

Healing and Cancer Podcast #8 – Julie, Childhood Trauma and Cancer

Healing and Cancer Podcast #10 – Stephen Zinck

Attributes of Remarkable Cancer Survivors

Dr. Rutledge shows we can change the structure and functioning of our brains in a positive way


How understanding your brain can empower your life on the cancer journey

Brain Tumor Retreat : Closing Circle

Brain Tumor Retreat : Fears Pearls

Brain Tumor Retreat : Spirituality Talk

Brain Tumor Retreat : Fears Small Group 1

Brain Tumor Retreat : Fears Small Group Talk 2

Brain Tumor Retreat : Fears Talk

Brain Tumor Retreat : Sunday Morning Reflections

Brain Tumor Retreat : Meditation – Loving Bowl of Kindness

Brain Tumor Retreat : Meditation – Listening to Your Body

Brain Tumor Retreat : Stress Pearls

Brain Tumor Retreat : Stress Small Group 1

Brain Tumor Retreat : Stress Small Group 2

Brain Tumor Retreat : Stress Talk

Brain Tumor Retreat : Meditation

Brain Tumor Retreat : Body Scan

Brain Tumor Retreat : Raisin Eating Meditation

Brain Tumor Retreat : Mindfulness Discussion

Brain Tumor Retreat : Saturday Morning Check in with Dr. Rob

Brain Tumor Retreat : Saturday Morning Meditation with Tim

Brain Tumor Retreat: Introduction by Rob

Brain Tumor Retreat: Meditation with Tim

Brain Tumor Retreat: Introduction by Tim

Brain Tumor Retreat: Meditation – Honouring Life

Brain Tumor Retreat – Complete Care

Brain Tumor Retreat – Meditation – Setting The Intention

Brain Tumour Retreat: Opening Circle

Healing and Cancer – Complete Breast Cancer Care Lecture

Complete Prostate Cancer Care for Prostate Cancer Seminar (1)

The Science of Relaxation and Meditation for Prostate Cancer Seminar (2)

The Relaxation Breath for Prostate Cancer Seminar (3)

The Power of Mindfulness for Prostate Cancer (4)

The Body Scan for Prostate Cancer Seminar (5)

Meditation for Prostate Cancer Seminar (6)

Gentle Yoga for Prostate Cancer Seminar (7)

Meditation and Visualization for Prostate Cancer Seminar (8)

Qi Gong for Prostate Cancer Seminar (9)


Inner Weather. Audiofile

Guided meditation: Alchemy of The Heart. Audiofile

Mindful Sitting Meditation, Loving Kindness and Compassionate practice. Audiofile

Basic Mindfulness Instructions. Audiofile

Mindful Stress Reduction Exercise –Breath and Body Scan. Audiofile

Seated Body Scan. Audiofile

Mindfulness of Fear – Audiofile

Compassionate Abiding – Audiofile

Skills for Wellness – Podcast Overview and Setting your Intention

Andrew’s Story

Healing and Cancer – Stories of Empowerment

Julie’s Story

Healing and Cancer Podcast #1 – David Maginley

Introduction to Healing and Cancer by Dr. Rob Rutledge

What You Need To Do Today

Step 1: Attitude and Action for Healing

Setting The Intention: Exercise for People Affected by Cancer

Mindfulness Exercise

Step 2: Getting the Best Care from the Medical System

Step 3: Empowering your body on the cancer journey

Relaxation Breath and Body Scan

Healing Visualization

Step 4: Training Your Mind

Explanation of the Healing Program

Science of Stress and the Relaxation Response

Finding Light in the Darkness: Brain Tumour Retreat Doc

Honouring Life    

Meditation – Creating Space for Healing

Meditation – Setting the Intention

The Nature of Healing: An Atlantic-Canadian Breast Cancer Retreat

Healing and Cancer Weekend Retreat: The Documentary