Healing Skills

Qi Gong – Healing and Cancer

Gentle Yoga

Setting the Intention – 19-minute practice for the Wellness Challenge

Meditation of Unconditional Love and Self Compassion


Meditation of Acceptance

Working with Stress Meditation

The Relaxation Breath for Prostate Cancer Seminar (3)

The Body Scan for Prostate Cancer Seminar (5)

Inner Weather. Audiofile

Guided meditation: Alchemy of The Heart. Audiofile

Mindful Sitting Meditation, Loving Kindness and Compassionate practice. Audiofile

Mindful Stress Reduction Exercise –Breath and Body Scan. Audiofile

Basic Mindfulness Instructions. Audiofile

Seated Body Scan. Audiofile

Mindfulness of Fear – Audiofile

Compassionate Abiding – Audiofile

Relaxation Breath and Body Scan

Healing Visualization

Meditation – Creating Space for Healing

Honouring Life    

Meditation – Setting the Intention