A five-step program covering everything you need to know to maximize your chance of recovery, longevity and healing.

What you need to do today

Dr. Rutledge outlines three healing habits you need to do daily which will help you recover

Step 1: Attitude and Action for Healing

Drs. Rutledge and Walker overview the approach and attitude to maximize healing

Step 3: Empowering your body

Dr. Rutledge reviews how the 5 healthy habits can profoundly influence your health.

Watch and practice a variety of mind-body techniques

For a complete list of skills Healing Skills

Qi Gong

This ancient Chinese exercise generates and balances Qi (cosmic energy) within the body.

Gentle Yoga

Practice this healing skill gently (and get medical clearance if need be).

Alchemy of the heart – audio

This audio file includes basic meditation instruction done with loving kindness

Watch the videos of an entire retreat or seminars

For a complete list of programs Seminars

Friday Evening Introduction

Watch an entire weekend retreat starting with this talk

Brain tumour retreat Introduction

Watch the entire brain tumour retreat starting with this video

Complete Prostate Cancer Care for Prostate Cancer seminar

This 9-video seminar includes practical healing techniques and lectures on the science of the mind-body connection.

Watch these public talks about how to empower yourself

For a complete list of lectures click here.

The Body-Mind- Spirit connection

Dr Rutledge provides an overview of what you can do to empower yourself at the levels of body, mind and spirit

Everything you need to know about cancer

Dr. Rutledge provides a complete overview of cancer, its treatment and how to get complete cancer care.

Spirituality on the Cancer Journey

Drs. Rutledge and Walker offer ways to connect with the spiritual aspects of our lives.

Healing and Cancer Weekend Retreat: The Documentary

This documentary follows the journey of five remarkable people who attend a retreat

Finding Light in the Darkness: Brain Tumour Retreat Documentary

This documentary explores deeper spiritual principles while following people attending a brain tumour retreat.

The Nature of Healing: An Atlantic-Canadian Breast Cancer Retreat Documentary

This documentary highlights the energy and spirit of Atlantic Canadians on a breast cancer journey.

Julie’s Story

After recovering from chemotherapy and radiation for Hodgkin’s lymphoma, Julie meets and falls in love with a young man with an advanced colon cancer

Healing and Cancer – Stories of Empowerment

Dr. Rutledge tells the stories of ordinary yet remarkable people affected by cancer.

Andrew’s Story

A 58-year- old business consultant is determined to use his brain tumour diagnosis for a catalyst for growth and healing.

Meet these remarkable cancer survivors

For the complete list of  Podcast Interviews

Healing and Cancer Podcast #3 - Anna Craig

Anna Craig is a young (and very wise) mother with advanced breast cancer who is an advocate for young people dealing with an incurable diagnosis.

Healing and Cancer Podcast #1 - David Maginley

Rev. David Maginley is a spiritual counsellor with the cancer, palliative and ICU programs at the QEII Health Sciences Centre in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and author of Beyond Surviving: Cancer and Your Spiritual Journey.

Healing and Cancer Podcast- Meryl Cook

Professional transformation