Volunteer with us!

We’re excited about creating a way of volunteering so that you can make a real difference in the lives of countless people affected by cancer.

What’s unique is you’ll be able to fully draw upon your expertise and passion, connecting and working with like-minded people – taking as much or as little time as you have to offer. You can apply for a specific role, or join our bank of volunteers who help us with an occasional task.

Send us an email info@healingandcancer.org and tell us if you are interested in joining or bank of volunteers or applying for a specific role.

We look forward to hearing from you!

The HCF Team.


Current Roles and Tasks

Volunteer Roles

  1. Assistant to the Executive Director and CEO. Reporting to the Executive Director you will assist the CEO with bank deposits and sending mail. Click here for job description
  2. Podcast Guest Researcher. You will research online looking nationally and internationally for remarkable survivors of cancer. The guests will be wise souls with engaging stories, articulate and heartful. A bonus would be that they have written a book, have a good social media following, have their own blog or are part of a larger not-for-profit. When you have researched the person in detail, and believe them to be a potential podcast guest, you pass their story and contact information to our Podcast Coordinator.  Click here for job description
  3. Social Media Coordinator. You will develop and implement a social media strategy to increase the overall reach and awareness of the Healing and Cancer Foundation. Using our social media outlets you will promote the multiple Retreats, Talks, Seminars and Podcasts which are delivered annually both nationally and internationally. Click here for job description
  4. Grant Researcher/Writer! The Healing and Cancer Foundation has an immediate need for an individual who can join our team to research available grant opportunities and write grant submissions to appropriate funders. We already have written successful grants which you could use (i.e. cut and paste) into other grant applications. This task is absolutely essential in bringing the public talks, seminars, and weekend retreats to other cities (like yours!). You will work closely Dr. Rutledge and the Volunteer Team. Click here for job description
  5. YouTube and Website Manager We have at least 20 videos we’d like to upload to YouTube – where many more people can benefit from them. This is an easy task – it takes about 20min per video. Click here for job description
  6. Outreach / Collaboration / Facilitation Specialist. Your role involves liaising with other not-for-profit and charitable organizations to promote HCF to facilitate the collaboration of joint events. Our philosophy is to empower others in their work in the cancer community. What can we do to facilitate the work of others? An example is to co-host a weekend retreat for a specific type of cancer or present live and webcast a public talk. Click here for job description



Financial Support

You can support the Healing and Cancer Foundation and receive a tax credit by donating to our charity through the Canada Helps link found near the top left of this page or by sending a contribution to

“The Healing and Cancer Foundation”

c/o Dr. Rob Rutledge
Nova Scotia Cancer Centre
Room 2025, Dickson Building
5820 University Ave
Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3H 1V7