Wellness Challenge Overview, FAQs, and the Meet-up

By Rob Rutledge January 3, 2017

What is the Wellness Challenge?

The Wellness Challenge is a comprehensive program meant to change your mindset about self-care so you’ll be happier and healthier in the long term. We provide nine weekly ‘Skills for Wellness’ podcasts which teach the brain science of behavioural change, mindfulness-based stress reduction, self-compassion and much more. Watch this 4-minute video for an overview.

Who is leading the Wellness Challenge?

Oncologist Dr. Rob Rutledge and Psychotherapist Dr. Timothy Walker draw on decades of experience delivering workshops, podcasts and public talks to provide this scientifically-based and experiential wellness program.

What do you need to do to get started?

Go to www.TheWellnessChallenge.org and follow the ‘Get Started’ instructions.

If you need help choosing a Challenge go to the Challenges page.  It may be easiest to choose an activity you want to do more (eg. exercise, meditate, practice yoga, eat veggies).  Figure out how often or how much you need to do each day/week. Then extend that out for 2-3 months to create a total.  The goal should be specific and measurable eg. 100 miles of walking, 200 servings of veggies, 40 hours of yoga. Tell your friends and family what you’re doing.

When does the Wellness Challenge start?

You can sign up any time.  As soon as you sign up, we’ll email you the first podcast.  Then every week, you’ll get a reminder to watch the next one (for a total of nine podcasts). Each week you’ll be assigned home exercises.

What is the “Empowering Your Brain/Body Meet-up”?

The meet-up starts with a lecture given by Drs. Rutledge and Walker. It will be recorded as the weekly podcast.  The second part (not recorded)  is an opportunity to learn more about how to empower yourself through this program.  You’ll hear how other people are doing on their challenges, and be able to ask Drs. Rutledge and Walker questions about the Skills for Wellness podcasts.

Every Sunday at 7pm EST from January 8 to Febrary 26, 2017, you can drop in to this free online video conference. We’ll review the lecture and experiential exercises from the previous week. The second part of the session (not recorded) will be very interactive with participants volunteering to share their experiences of going through the Wellness Challenge.

To join a meet-up go to www.zoom.us  Enter code 720-906-1836  You can join by phone only as well (Use a headset like your cell phone ear buds , if possible.)

Questions or Comments?

Please email us at info@HealingandCancer.org with your feedback. Or call 902 473-6149


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