Why foster spirituality on the cancer journey?

By Rob Rutledge April 4, 2019

The diagnosis of cancer is an opportunity to discover who you truly are as a spiritual being having a physical experience. Love and the Divine consciousness (or God) are synonymous! This is why your spiritual health can be determined by your love more than by your belief. This awareness is often accelerated by a health crisis, and no learning is more essential to working wisely with suffering.

We’re all fighting for the unfinished love story to continue. Yet while we “fight”, we’re resisting “what is.” The key in spiritual practice is not having a positive mindset or fighting with all your strength, but being authentic, surrendering to the mysterious Ground of Being from which you emerge, and becoming a partner with that process and your innate intelligence.

This is such a paradox…. How do you desire something without adding desire to it? Mindfulness is the key. Being self-aware, even of the scripts of attachment, is often all that is required for the wisdom of Being to arise. It’s wired into all of us.

Pain is of the body, suffering is of the mind. Spirituality alleviates suffering not by eliminating it but by using it through compassion and forgiveness to reach a deeper level of humanity. Forgiveness, the fundamental act of remembering your sacred self and not identifying with the thoughts, feelings and memories which defined you, is foundational to spiritual practice. Only by forgiving our ego identity can we gently love it and restore it to its purpose – a mask, part of the identity experiment. 

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